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The Cell Sorting Facility (CSF) provides investigators access to and technical support for the technology of flow cytometry, a method for analyzing and isolating or sorting cells in a complex mixture, based on a variety of parameters, including light scatter and fluorescence. The goal of this facility is to provide the highest quality analytic and sorting capabilities to Cancer Center members. As flow cytometry technology has matured, it has become a routine component of research, utilized in a diverse array of laboratories. A powerful suite of modern flow cytometry instruments is housed in the CSF to support the needs of the FCCC research community. The Facility consists of two primary components with distinct missions: 1) Research Flow Cytometry to accommodate the needs for animal and cell biology experiments, and 2) Human Immune Monitoring for analyzing human cell samples and providing flow cytometry-based correlative studies to support clinical trials at Fox Chase.

This facility derives partial funding from the FCCC Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) from the National Cancer Institute.
 Kerry Campbell PhD
 Alexander W.MacFarlane, PhD
 Joan Font-Burgada PhD


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